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Me on the wagon.
(Don’t fall off the wagon!)

Me firing
(Firing my live steam Isle of Man “Peveril”)

I’m a lifelong model railway enthusiast. I’m exploring the possibility of modelling the Niagara St. Catharines & Toronto Railway in S scale. If I go ahead with this, it will take over the space currently occupied by another S scale model railway – based on the CNR branch to Port Rowan, Ontario. I started planning for that layout in mid-2011 and construction began in October of that year:

Overview of Port Rowan.
(Port Rowan in 1:64. If you’re new to that layout, check out “my Port Rowan blog” for more information about what I’m modelling.)

I’m also interested in layout design and garden scale live steam.

I co-hosted The Model Railway Show, a podcast about the hobby. That podcast is now on indefinite hiatus, but you can still listen to all the shows online.

TMRS Podcast badge.

I’m a regular host and a writer for TrainMasters TV, a subscription-based television show about the hobby.


I live in Toronto, Canada with my wife … and three Border Collies:

The pack.
(Outstanding in their field: Jack, Roy and Mocean take in the site of the former yard in Port Rowan – now a park. October 2016)

I spent eight years training the eldest to work sheep, which is the job for which Border Collies are bred. He’s getting a bit old to be running a large field and managing livestock, and my second eldest dog never really showed the instinct, so in early 2016 we adopted a puppy from a strong herding background. Turns out he was a disaster on sheep – he wanted to run them into fences, and I just can’t trust him around livestock. So now I am the ringmaster of an underemployed circus. At least I don’t have to give them as many baths…

Did he say
(“Did he say, ‘BATH’?”)

Mocean doing a perfect fetch in winter.

It's Roy by a nose!

– Trevor

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