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The Model Railway Show

The Model Railway Show podcast was produced between 2010 and 2013. You can access the complete archive of shows for free on iTunes.



Thanks For Listening!

We enjoyed creating The Model Railway Show but after two and a half years, in which we produced 52 regular episodes and a number of specials, Jim, Trevor, Chris, Otto and David decided it was time to get back to our work benches. Therefore, we put the show on hiatus in May of 2013.

This podcast was a volunteer effort – a labour of love – and while we enjoyed interviewing so many great guests and creating these shows, it has demanded a fair bit of hobby time. Now that the show has been off-air for so many years, it's time to retire the website too, so that the show's creators don't have to continue to maintain it.

Model Railway Blogs

You can see what Trevor is doing at his personal blog, also called The Model Railway Show.

Thanks for listening – you’ve been great! – and we’ll see you down the line, somewhere, sometime…


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The Model Railway Show

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