The Model Railway Show – Episode 0008

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Planning and Pressure

In this episode…

Tony Koester, editor, Model Railroad Planning magazine.
Jeff Young, Live Steam columnist, Garden Railways magazine.

Model Railroad Planning 2011

There are many great resources for layout planning information these days – and since 1995, Model Railroad Planning magazine has been one of the best. This annual magazine popularizes the most innovative layout design ideas in the hobby.

Model Railroad Planning 2011 continues this tradition, covering design ideas ranging from modest shelf layouts that must coexist with public rooms in the house to basement-filling empires. Planning information covers designing concentric curves with easements, lift-out scenery for a mountain mainline, updates of traditional designs… and more.

To find out more about what’s in the current issue, Trevor welcomes back Tony Koester – this time in his role as Model Railroad Planning editor.

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Live Steam for Life

Garden scale live steam is a popular niche in the hobby and even in a year when much of the east coast of North America is buried under snow, those who love to boil water are keeping busy. They’re planning for the arrival of spring and the return of steaming in the garden.

If you’ve ever looked into your back yard and wondered whether a live steam railway could perambulate through the petunias, Garden Railways magazine Live Steam columnist Jeff Young is the person to ask. Jeff is a long-time enthusiast and talented modeler and he speaks to Jim about what makes live steam fascinating, how it’s different from electric operation, and what you need to know to get started.

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