The Model Railway Show – Episode 0013

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Scratchin’ and bashin’

In this episodeā€¦

Chris Lane, editor, On30 Annual.
Bob Walker, author, Scratchbuilding for Model Railroaders.

Narrow Gauge Model Railroading for All

On30 – the narrow-gauge marriage of O scale models to HO gauge mechanisms and track standards – has exploded in popularity over the past decade. Some suggest that as the hobby ages and Baby Boomers learn to adjust to deteriorating eyesight and dexterity, On30 will be the savior of the hobby.

Regardless of where our feelings lie, there’s no denying that On30 is here to stay and that the best of those who model in it are engaging in some sophisticated and very accomplished modeling: award-winning, in fact. Looking for proof? Pick up a copy of the On30 Annual and you’ll find many examples of great modeling, plus several techniques that are useful in any scale.

Chris Lane likes the scale/gauge combination so much that in addition to being an On30 modeler himself, he’s also the annual’s editor.

Chris joins Trevor to explain what’s in the 2011 edition of the On30 Annual, and answer the question, “Do On30 Modelers really have more fun?”

Scratchbuilding a book

Bob Walker is no stranger to modelers.

In addition to being one of the partners at Accurail, Bob contributes a regular column about scratchbuilding to Railroad Model Craftsman magazine. These columns feature tips, tricks and lessons Bob has learned while scratchbuilding many, many models for his On3 Rio Grande Southern layout.

Now, he has collected those columns into a book, Scratchbuilding for Model Railroaders.

The book’s subtitle is Craftsman Techniques Made Simple and Bob joins Jim to explain what readers will find inside.

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