St Williams: Wired and spiked

I made major progress on track work over the weekend. All of the track in St. Williams is now spiked and wired. I can now stage two trains in St. Williams – on the main and siding – and run them to Port Rowan and back.

With that, everything from the switch at the St. Williams station to end of track is spiked every second or third tie, and wired with two feeders to every full-length rail (and one feeder to half-length or shorter rails). The final piece of the track work and wiring puzzle is the sector plate and a short stretch of mainline out of St. Williams, behind the tobacco sheds…

St. Williams in progress

… and, of course, the turntable lead and turntable in Port Rowan.

There’s still some fine-tuning to do. For this, I’ll have to mount DCC throttle panels around the layout so I can monitor trains closely – to spot and address any track work trouble.

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