Regular readers know that when I add something to the layout, I think about what story it tells – and I’ll even stretch reality a bit to better tell that story. A recent example is the truck I lettered for the CNR’s Cartage service:
 photo CNR-CartageTruck-01_zps3d400d9f.jpg

You can read more about this truck by clicking on the picture. But as I’ve mentioned previously, I added the “CANADIAN NATIONAL” billboard lettering to each side of the truck because the truck is so far back from the viewer that the small “CARTAGE” letting and CNR maple leaf logo don’t really tell the story. Without the billboard lettering, this could be any old truck – not a link in the CNR transportation chain.

I consider myself a thoughtful modeller and therefore story-telling is important to me. So I really enjoyed reading a pair of articles posted this week on this subject, authored by my friend Mike Cougill:

Purposeful Storytelling-1

Purposeful Storytelling-2

Enjoy if you visit – and if you’re not already following Mike’s blog, why not register and join in the conversation?

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