D-1 body ordered

My friend Stephen Gardiner and I attended the 2016 Toronto RPM over the weekend, and he brought along his HO scale model of CNR D-1, C-1 and C-2 to display. The model is a real eye-catcher:

 photo CNR-D1-Resize_zpsorelcdl5.jpg

The prototype train set never received a fancy name like “The Flying Yankee” so it’s a real alphabet soup to describe. But it was the CNR’s failed attempt to modernize its aging fleet of diesel-electric motor cars. The D-1 was a bust and rather than pursue this project, the timing was right for the railway to instead invest heavily into Budd RDCs.

But no matter – it’s a unique piece of equipment and a real conversation piece, as I hope the photo suggests.

To build his model, Stephen drew up the D-1 and its trailers and had it 3D Printed at Shapeways. As regular readers will recall, he’s working on converting his design into 1:64 so I can print a copy to run on the S Scale Workshop exhibition layout. Reworking the model for S required more than simply scaling up the HO plans: The larger scale required the body to be split in two in order to fit within the Shapeways print envelope, and there were other changes to be made. But Stephen informed me on the weekend that the S Scale version is ready, and yesterday I placed my order with Shapeways for the body and the roof:

 photo D1-Sscale-Shapeways_zpsoqcgkdd0.jpg

I already have a frame, courtesy of my friend Ryan Mendell:

 photo CNR-D1-Frame-01_zpsyuh0peon.jpg
(Click on the image to read about the frame)

Meantime, I’ve ordered a trailing truck for D-1 (plus trucks for the two trailers) from American Models. While I wait for the D-1 body to arrive, I’ll work up a list of detail parts to acquire from companies such as BTS. And then of course there are the two trailers. I can detail D-1 while Stephen converts his 1:87 trailers to S scale.

(And on a technical note, I’ve now added a category link to the blog for this project: CNR D-1 will filter all the postings related to it.)

Thanks for your work on this Stephen – it’s going to be an awesome addition to the Workshop layout!

 photo D1-C1-C2_zpsd7c5b538.jpg

7 thoughts on “D-1 body ordered

  1. Hi Trevor, This is a really neat and rare piece of equipment. To me the amazing part is the new technology (for me anyways) of 3D printing; which allows such special items to be made. Good luck with the rest of the build.
    Cheers, Gord

    • It is available in the Shapeways “FUD” Frosted Ultra Detail UV cured resin for the body, and the WSF/BSF White-strong and flexible or the black dyed version laser sintered nylon for the roof.

      Both are based on the detail print ability, cost, part size and striking the right balance between all the different factors in 3D printing. In a perfect world, the print bed on the UV cured machines would be just a bit bigger and the body wouldn’t need to have been split.

      I haven’t re-scaled the coaches yet, I’m hoping that their 50′ length keeps them inside the printable area.


  2. What a great deal of fun, and what a unique piece of equipment. Another reason to model a branch line: small prototypes like this do not have to be shortened or otherwise reduced in size in order to look good. Looking forward to hearing more.

    • Not yet. It looks interesting, but as i’ve now spent 3-4 years learning to know what will and won’t work (and that includes things that Shapeways will say won’t work that will in some cases) with the FUD, I’m not in any rush to re-invent the wheel to see how the Black Detail Acrylic works. I’m sure at some point I’ll give designing something for that material a go, but for this, i’ve stuck with what passes for Tried and True in the 3D printing world.


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