Three-point track gauges

Trifecta track gauges.

A special thanks to Tim Warris at Fast Tracks* for machining up these beautiful three-point track gauges.

These were a custom job for me but Tim is considering adding a full line of three-point gauges to his catalogue, under the Trifecta name. I bought six of them and I’m really pleased. In fact, “really pleased” doesn’t begin to describe it. (Thanks Tim!)

Tim also delivered a track building fixture for S scale #9 turnouts, again, for Code 70 rail. This was not in his catalogue when I ordered it, although he did have a #7, #8 and #10 so it seemed like a natural to add. Again, thanks Tim!

I now have all of my track tools in place. As soon as I get these ties done…

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1 thought on “Three-point track gauges

  1. Trevor:
    I’m glad to see these track gauges are going to be available. Looks like that sushi dinner really paid off! I really emjoy your series on Port Rowan, and although I’ll probably never reach your degree of superb craftsmanship they are still an inspiration for me.


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